Development Process

How The Idea Was Born


My name is James Foster, I am the inventor of the M1 Salt Gun and the Founder of Foster Industries. I originally came up with the idea for the M1 during the summer after my freshman year of college. Throughout my entire life, I had always aspired to start and grow a business of my own. I took my first real shot at this my first year of college by setting up my own e-commerce website drop shipping new inventions that were trendy or recently successfully funded on a crowdfunding platform. I would personally consider myself a “techie” individual so to go out and try and connect with these new startups and help spread the word about their amazing innovations sounded like more fun than work. I soon found this was a larger task than I initially thought and even though I enjoyed my work, the commission I was making from this affiliate type program was not nearly enough to ever boost my career in the industry of business. I began thinking of a way that I could invent a product of my own and THAT’S WHEN IT HIT ME! LITERALLY…
A Fly flew down and smacked me right on the side of my face! I was immediately annoyed and frustrated because I was in the process of brainstorming ideas for a new company and now I had to chase down and kill this fly! I raced to the kitchen and grabbed our electric flyswatter just to find the batteries were dead! Feeling irritated and hopeless, I grabbed one of my old school folders and chased the fly all around my room. Knocking over my lamp, repeatedly slapping my computer monitor, until it finally flew out of my room. I looked at the war zone I had just created and thought, there must be a better way?
I wish I could just knock him down from a distance and that’s when I remember seeing a bug killing gun when I was searching for trendy new inventions. I immediately did what anyone would do and hopped on Amazon to order one, but upon looking at the reviews I found that many people loved the concept of a bug gun but the current product was not nearly perfected. I knew that if I could create a similar product but have a DESIGN BASED ON WANTS OF THE PEOPLE then it would not only be a perfect product for me but for many others for years to come.

That, my friends, is how the idea of the M1 Salt Gun was born.

Design #1

On July 7th, 2018, I began roughly tracing out the outline for the format of the gun. I know I wanted it to be powerful but still come in a convenient size for the everyday person.

Design #2

About a month after the first outline, I started focusing on making the gun ergonomic and have a familiar feel to a typical pistol. However, I soon realized the curvy shape of this model wasn’t liked by friends and family.

Design #3

On the third sketch, I believe I really struck a design that was liked by the majority of people. This would be the core design that all the following designs were originally based on.

Design #4

The fourth design was the most realistic I could get it to be with my “artistic” abilities. I had the dimensions pretty much dialed in and I knew the sharp edges and sleek lines were what people admired.

Design #5

This was designed by a professional, as I am sure you can tell, and really helped dial in all the aspects of both design and functionality. Unfortunately, at this time this is the last design I can reveal before our upcoming Indiegogo pre-order launch but if you would like to be the first to hear about news and updates about the M1 Salt Gun, be sure to subscribe to our email newsletter at the footer(the bottom) of our website!